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Badger and Fox are forming a partnership. Badger invests a building that has a market value of $352,000; the partnership assumes responsibility for a $126,000 note secured by a mortgage on the property. Fox invests $101,000 in cash and equipment that has a market value of $76,000. For the partnership, the amounts recorded for Badger's Capital account and for Fox's Capital account are:

Reference no: EM13906047

Explain new project within your organization

Assume that you have been appointed project manager for a new project within your organization. Your supervisor has asked for an updateon your progress at the next senior lead

Lenders and investors look for experience-qualification

Lenders and investors look for the experience, qualifications and age of the people who will breathe life into the plan. The business plan should cover key people, the opportu

Members of the strategic development group

You are members of the strategic development group of one of the largest insurance company. The company has been successful for decades in selling auto insurance through twent

Obvious conflict at astrotech fuel systems

There is obvious conflict at Astrotech Fuel Systems between Jim McGee and George Phalen. What could each person have done differently to alleviate some or all of this conflict

Mechanics get under the hood and fix the problem

Garcia’s Garage desires to create some colorful charts and graphs to illustrate how reliably its mechanics “get under the hood and fix the problem”. Determine the control limi

Upholding high ethical standards while unethical behaviors

What are some key examples of unethical behaviors that we have seen occur in companies in recent years (beyond the Enron scandal)?Some argue that the long-term success of a co

Is cultural convergence occurring in the world

Is cultural convergence occurring in the world? In your view, do you think that the various cultures are coming closer together, or are they getting more different and prone t

Purchasing goods and services from the global''s business

Like other large airlines, Global Airlines has a points-based incentive program. Customers who who join Global's FreeMiles program earn points by purchasing tickets from Glo


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