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Question #4 Overview -Ethical Considerations

The Question in this category focuses on the integration of ethical principles with professional practice in the student's specialization. Students are expected to defend a personal philosophy of ethical practice using discipline-specific core values and/or essential principles and practices in their field. It may be helpful if the student describes his/her specialization in a paragraph prior to addressing the question. This may help them clearly tie ethical principles back to professional practice.

The question reads:

Write a paper in which you discuss how doctoral research, from literature review to conducting research, to writing a dissertation manuscript should be done with care and integrity to meet the ethical standards of scientific research. Reference at least five peer-reviewed articles.
Explain specifically how scholars apply published ethical guidelines and concepts to research.
Be sure to address the following:
• Plagiarism
• Risk assessment
• Informed consent
• Privacy and confidentiality
• Data handling and reporting
• Mistakes and negligence
• Working with a Mentor or Faculty member
• Northcentral University requirements for IRB approval

Reference no: EM13945993

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