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1.  Merger Gains and Cost: Sometimes the stock price of a possible target company rises in anticipation of a merger bid. Explain how this complicates the bidder's evaluation of the target company.

2.  Financial system structure: which countries have...

a)      The largest stock markets?

b)      The largest bond markets?

c)      The smallest direct holdings of shares by individual investors?

d)     The largest holdings of bank deposits by individual investors?

3.  In 1,250-1,500 words, focus on one of the most interesting concepts you learned. Examples would be the an overview of corporate financing or Lease v. Buy discussion, Risk Management and how International Investment has other things to consider, Should Corporations pay Dividends to investors, The Impact of Borrowing for a Corporation and an Analysis of their Borrowing Options, etc.

It must be in APA format and have tables and charts (properly cited, of course) in the paper to bring the important point's home.  These topics should have several outside resources available.



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Reference no: EM1345919

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