Floodgates open up to a sea of ideas

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“Floodgates open up to a sea of ideas” by Simon London and answer the following questions in a short essay format.

1- Can firms maintain their competitive advantage by not taking into consideration these changes? Why or why not?

2- Based on this case, which structure has the greatest practical application?

3- This case undoubtedly stresses the importance of a firm’s structure, systems and resources. Which do you think will be the most important in the future?

Reference no: EM131039445

Why do you look beyond lowest price when choosing supplier

Why do you look beyond the lowest price when choosing a supplier? What other factors need to be considered and why?  What are the primary goals of purchasing? How can purchasi

Unintended repercussions-failures of broken windows theory

Research and explain the unintended repercussions/failures of the Broken Windows Theory. If you could give any advice to the administrator for OSHA, the Assistant Secretary of

What is the dividend yield and capital gains yield

Calculate the required return for a stock which expects to pay a dividend of $1.50 this year. The dividends are growing at 2%, and the stock currently trades at $34.50 per sha

Explain the disadvantages of nucor choice

Instead of a separate performance appraisal system, Nucor judges performance based on bottom line of quality, productivity, and profitability. What are the disadvantages of Nu

Negotiation of a business transaction in china

Suppose you have been selected to represent your organization in the negotiation of a business transaction in China. Before leaving for China, you prepare yourself by learni

The lead time for a box of weed-killer is three weeks

In a periodic (P) review system, the lead time for a box of weed-killer is three weeks and the review period is two (i.e., an order is placed every other week). Demand during

Develop those time estimates

The first unit of a job took 40 hours to complete. The work has a learning percentage of 88. The manager wants time estimates for units 2, 3, 4, and 5. Develop those time es

Company is producing two products

A company is producing two products A and B. In January, the demand for A is 200 units and that of B is 600 units. The time to produce A is 5 hours/unit and that of B is 1 hou


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