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Before 1970, many countries were on the gold standard. Since that time, floating exchange regimes have dominated the global economy. Select a country which now has a floating or a pegged exchange rate. Prior to its present regime, did this particular country have another regime, or the gold standard? What was the impetus for the change in regime for this country?  Support your findings with additional academic references.

Reference no: EM131326316

The federal budget for national defense increased substantia

The federal budget for national defense increased substantially to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. How would GDP in the United States have been affected if this higher

What is effect of the increase in energy prices on growth

According to the Solow growth model, how would a permanent increase in energy prices affect capital per worker and consumption per worker in the long run (that is in the ste

Monopoly expenditure on advertising

Consider a monopoly who can do advertisement to inform and attract new customers (hence expands its potential demand). Let a denote the monopoly's expenditure on advertising

What are major reasons for government involvement

What are major reasons for government involvement in a market economy such as the software industry (e.g. externalities, increasing returns to scale (failure of perfect comp

Find who is the faster repairperson

Johnson Filtration, Inc. provides maintenance service for water-filtration systems. Data that follow show the repair time in hours, the months since last service, the repair

Profit maximization and expected profit in recession

Suppose that the car manufacturer allows the car dealer to return all unsold cars at the end of a recessionary year. What is the car dealer's profit in a growth year and in

Level of government involvement

(Part A) Evaluate the fundamental arguments between Keynesians and Monetarists concerning the level of government involvement in our economy to minimize the impact and stabi

Successful fiscal stimulus

Some reject fiscal stimulus measures in all policy forms. Explain what the various limitations are to a successful fiscal stimulus. Be sure to consider the damaging activiti


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