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1. Suppose that a borrower is offered a choice between a fixed rate mortgage and a variable rate mortgage. If the borrower expects the inflation rate to increase, which of the rates would be more attractive to the borrower?

2. When examining historical data, we observe that countries with high inflation rates tend to have high nominal interest rates. Does this imply that real interest rates are also high in countries with very high inflation rates?

3. Suppose that Alexandra decides to withdraw $300 out of her checking account at Citibank. What would the impact of this transaction on Citibank’s and the Fed’s balance sheets be?

Reference no: EM131314688

What is percentage return

Suppose you have $90,000 to invest. You’re considering Miller-Moore Equine Enterprises (MMEE), which is currently selling for $90 per share. You notice that a put option with

What is the six-month forward exchange rate

Six-month T-bills have a nominal rate of 6%, while default-free Japanese bonds that mature in 6 months have a nominal rate of 3%. In the spot exchange market, 1 yen equals $0.

The yield to maturity on this bond

Suppose that General Motors Acceptance Corporation issued a bond with 10 years until? maturity, a face value of $1000, and a coupon rate of 7.8%(annual payments). The yield to

Company depreciation and amortization expense

Trevi Corporation recently reported an EBITDA of $32,800 and $9,500 of net income. The company has $6,800 interest expense, and the corporate tax rate is 35 percent. What was

Standard deviation of the portfolio

1. How will you explain the following facts explains why the standard deviation of the portfolio is less than the standard deviation of either of the two stocks that make up

Shares of preferred and common stock outstanding

BetterPie Industries has 8 million shares of common stock outstanding, 6 million shares of preferred stock outstanding, and 25,000 bonds. Assume the common shares are selling

Tax credit affect market equilibrium for homebuyers-sellers

In 2008, the government initiated an $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers in an effort to stimulate the housing market. This means that all first-time homebuyers in 200

The end of ten years using the gordon growth model

An analyst is expected to have earnings in ten years of €12 per share, a dividend payout ratio of 50%, and a required return of 11%. At that time, the dividend growth rate is


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