Five examples of african culture

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Please identify the following items in 25 words or more from lecture and text material:

  1. Five Examples of African Culture
  2. The Triangular Trade System
  3. John Woolman
  4. Blacks in Revolution: examples
  5. Quock Walker
  6. African Americans and the Constitution
  7. Sambo Personality
  8. General Abuses of Cotton Plantation Slavery
  9. Types of Plantation Slaves
  10. Economics of Slavery
  11. Examples of Slave Codes
  12. Thomas Dew
  13. William Harper
  14. William Grayson
  15. Gabriel Conspiracy
  16. Nat Turner
  17. William Lloyd Garrison
  18. Emancipation Proclamation
  19. Frederick Douglass
  20. Nathaniel Bedford Forrest
  21. Freedom Amendments
  22. Sharecropping
  23. Examples of Voter Restrictions
  24. Jim Crow System
  25. Booker T. Washington
  26. William Du Bois
  27. Marcus Garve

Reference no: EM13878932

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