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(Fisher model) The pure rate of interest is 3% and investor demand an inflation premium of 4%. What interest rate should they demand if they require a risk premium of 5%? 

Reference no: EM131015821

What is the sustainable growth rate

What is the sustainable growth rate for each year?  Based on your analysis of the sustainable growth rate between 2011 and 2015, what are your recommendations for the firm?

What would happen to the confidence index

Suppose Baa-rated bonds currently yield 7.5%, while Aa-rated bonds yield 5.5%. Now suppose that due to an increase in the expected inflation rate, the yields on both bonds inc

Calculate the wacc under the assumptions

Calculate the WACC under the following assumptions: long-term bonds offer a yield of 8%, stock price is $50 per share, dividend is $2/share, dividend expected to grow at a con

Calculate the dividends paid and external equity financing

ABC firm has a debt to equity ratio of 2.3 (that they wish to maintain) and new investments would cost $35 million this year. The firm expects earnings of $12 million this yea

Increase in the general level of prices

Your consulting firm will produce cash flows of $180,000 this year, and you expect cash flow to keep pace with any increase in the general level of prices. The interest rate c

Measured by the standard deviation of returns

Measured by the standard deviation of returns, by how much would your uncle's risk have been reduced if he had held a portfolio consisting of 60% in ECB and the remainder in W

A bond with an annual coupon of $100 originally

A bond with an annual coupon of $100 originally sold at par for $1,000. The current yield to maturity on this bond is 9%. Assuming no change in risk, this bond would sell at a

Unaware of fact that yolanda secured

Nymeria buys a promissory note off of Yolanda for $300. Nymeria buys the note in good faith, and she is unaware of the fact that Yolanda secured the note from Georgia throug


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