Fiscal policy or monetary policy

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In January of 2019, GDP growth rate in the USA was 2.2% unemployment rate was 3.8% as of March 2019, and inflation rate was 1.5% in February of 2019. In addition, the real hourly earning (pay) increased on average 1.9%.

Do you think the government needs to intervene to fix any of these indicators? If so, what policy you think is more appropriate, fiscal policy or monetary policy? And why?

Reference no: EM132281146

What is the total signal power

An FM transmitter has a carrier frequency of 160 MHz. The deviation is 10 kHz and the modulation frequency is 2 kHz. A spectrum analyzer shows that the carrier-frequency com

Linear approach to software development

Waterfall is a linear approach to software development. In this methodology, each phase of the software development lifecycle is visited only once.  Agile is an iterative, t

Exploring website coding practices

From the e-Activity, describe what you learned about the Website that you selected by looking at the source code. Analyze the different components of the Website such as the

What is the output of the short program below

Explain your answer. class Program { static String location; static DateTime time; static void Main() { Console.WriteLine(location == null ? "location is null" : location);

Explain file containing sporting goods which are sold online

You have file containing sporting goods which are sold online. Each item record contains item id, item name, item description, item category, item price, and units in stock.

Diagrams for the use cases enter new order

Develop sequence diagrams for the use cases Enter New Order, Create Case Manifest and Record Order Fulfillment . Update the design class diagram with attribute information a

Fix jobs using each of the following scheduling algorithms.

Using the given information, calculate which jobs will have arrived ready for processing by the time the first job is finished or interrupted using each of the following sch

What consequences does this requirement have

Note that a Web server typically executes as a special user, and in a group that is not shared with most users on the system. Are there some circumstances when running such


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