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The first step toward defining the marketing problem correctly is to meet with the manager(s) who are requesting marketing research. Do this as early as possible for two important reasons. First, it’s important that managers and researchers are able to trust and communicate openly with each other. This won’t happen until you begin to know one another and build a relationship. To the extent possible, researchers need to keep the client engaged and actively participating in the process, especially during problem formulation, but also at later stages.

The second reason to meet with the client is straightforward. You need to get as much information as possible from the manager with respect to the problem/opportunity at hand. In particular, you need a clear understanding of the problem from the manager’s viewpoint, along with all relevant background information. The broader context is critical, as many people will become very focused on a specific task (e.g., “I need a taste test”) versus the broader issue (i.e., “We’re losing market share”). Without the broader issue in mind, you can accidentally go down a very specific and possibly incorrect path.Lis

List three questions that you would ask the manager during this interview.

Reference no: EM132185057

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