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1. Sample size can generally be SMALLER when ?

A. the value of the information in the sample is high

B. the cost of adding to the sample is low

C. there are many subgroups in the sample

D. the variability on responses in the population is low

3. A sampling frame is ?

A. a list of population units

B. the procedure for selecting sample units

C. a set of characteristics of the sample units

D. a list of the sample units

3. Cristal’s Flower Emporium specializes in growing delicate plants for wealthy consumers around the world. Because of the fragile nature of the products, they need to spend as little time as possible in transit. Cristal should use trucks to transport her products.

A) True

B) False

4. When a sample is based on membership in subgroups in order to match the proportion of those subgroups within the population, the sampling technique is ?

A. systematic sampling

B. convenience sampling

C. snowball sampling

D. stratified sampling?

5. The first step in developing an advertising campaign is to:

A. determine which advertising would best reach the target market.

B. identify the advertising objectives.

C. determine who makes up the target audience.

D. analyze different advertising platforms.

E. evaluate advertising's effectiveness in reaching the target market.

6. Sample reliability is?

A. the ease of constructing a sample

B. higher when sample size is lower

C. higher when population variance is higher

D. the likelihood that multiple samples will provide similar estimates

Reference no: EM132234999

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