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Siemens AG is one of the world's largest electronics and industrial engineering companies. With some 750 subsidiaries and associated companies, Siemens is focused on three things: Industry, Energy, and Healthcare. In addition to its three main segments, Siemens has a financial services division and an enterprise communications business. Although it's on a roll these days, that wasn't the case back in 2008, when the company was embroiled in Germany's largest corruption scandal since World War II. A new CEO, a former General Electric executive, named Peter Löscher (who is Austrian) was brought on board to "clean house." Löscher wasted little time in showing that things wouldn't be "business as usual." He sold off Siemen's mobile phone business (once the company's most prized units) and its computer services unit. And, he replaced almost all of the company's executive team and some 50 percent of its middle managers. Löscher streamlined the portfolio of businesses, added managers with global experience, and held board meetings outside Germany to shake things up at the German conglomerate.

Siemens Company information needed:

1. First pick one of its businesses and describe what that business segment does. 

2. Next, check out the Siemens Worldwide tab. Pick one of the countries, and describe what Siemens does there. 

3. Finally, check out the Values→Vision→Strategy tab. Describe each of them.

Reference no: EM132280889

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