Firms capacity can be limited by members of its supply chain

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1. Performance or time targets for each major group of activities in a project are set during the planning phase of a project. True or False

2. A job shop manufacturing process is better suited to make a variety of products than a continuous flow process. True or False

3. In what way are projects and typical business activities similar?

For most companies, projects and typical business activities can be described as routine.

Both projects and typical business activities have a defined ending point at which time they are complete.

Projects and routine business activities require significant levels of cross-functional and interorganizational coordination.

The successful completion of projects and business activities is essential to a firm’s competitive position.

4. A firm’s capacity can be limited by members of its supply chain. True or False

5. An expectation that a new building’s foundation would be poured and cured by the end of the year is an example of a(n):





Reference no: EM131029083

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