Finding your place on the scholar-practitioner continuum

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Assignment 2: Finding Your Place on the Scholar-Practitioner Continuum

An I/O professional has the unique opportunity to both participate in research for the development of the field and apply in practice the fruits of such research efforts. I/O professionals may suggest new lines of research or even conduct their own scientific studies. Conversely, I/O professionals may choose to focus exclusively on the practitioner side of the continuum.
Using resources, locate an empirical article that represents a strong example of the dual nature of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) research and practice. Then, do the following:

• Analyze and critique the article by following the Argosy University online article critique guidelines.
• Clearly indicate the elements in the article that are I/O research-oriented and those that are I/O-applied practice-oriented.
• Considering your own career aspirations, explain where you think you will be on the research, practitioner, or scholar continuum.

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Reference no: EM13786325

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