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Clark Company produces flash drives for computers, which it sells for $20 each. Each flash drive costs $12 of variable costs to make. During April, 1,000 drives were sold. Fixed costs for March were $2 per unit for a total of $1,000 for the month. How much is the contribution margin ratio?

A) 30%.

B) 40%.

C) 60%.

D) 70%.

Reference no: EM13159082

Compute the depreciation for the second year

Kinney Company purchased a truck for $57,000. The company expected the truck to last four years or 100,000 miles, with an estimated residual value of $6,000 at the end of th

Calculate the following financial ratios

Computing financial ratios. Using the data from Problem 23.1B, On Sales, Inc.,calculate the following financial ratios. Comment on any ratio that merits further ratios and d

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a. What are the prices of option A and D according to the Black-Scholes-Merton model? b. If the stock price changes to $64.5, while other variables stay the same, what would

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Second Baptist would start a church school. And Baker would open a car dealership. If you are the financial adviser for the school district, which offer would you prefer? Wh

Management of cerise since its inception

Chao, Louis, and Mari, unrelated individuals, own all of the shares of Cerise Corporation. All three shareholders have been active in the management of Cerise since its ince

Entry to accrued interest problem

Buttercup company 12% bonds, par $50,000, dated March 1, 2010, purchased at par plus accrued interest, interest payable annyally on March 1, due March 1 2030 was 52,000. Pre

Count the computer chip in gdp

A student remarks: "It doesn't make sense that intermediate goods are not counted in GDP. A computer chip is an intermediate good, and without it a PC won't work. So why don

Equity and the balance in sloanes investment account

On January 1, 2007, Sloane Co. purchased 25% of Orr Corp.'s common stock; no goodwill resulted from the purchase. Sloane appropriately carries this investment at equity and


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