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Assignment related to finding any healthcare organization, select a process management such as hospital admissions process, order fulfillment process, claims process, school admissions process, hiring process, capital procurement process or any work process in an existing organization. 

1) Please provide background information on the organization, and the reason the process was selected for study, and explain the approach used in completing this study. 

2) Describe, Document and Flowchart the existing process.

3) Identify performance measures that are use to determine the baseline performance for the current process in order to assess any improvements.

Use other sources for benchmark information (best practices) on the selected process and/or similar processes. Summarize your research findings. Identify the sources and best practices found that could be transferred to your redesigned process in Item #5.

4) Identify and discuss opportunities for improving the present process and flowchart your new process.

5) Identify the sources and best practices found in Item #4 that could be transferred to the redesigned process. Explain why your proposed changes were suggested and discuss, in depth, the potential impact of your proposed changes on the baseline measures identified in Item #3. Describe any tools used in the improvement process. 

6) Identify control measures that you would use at key points within the new process to assure the process is operating properly. Describe where you would apply them and why selected. 

Reference no: EM13565968

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