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A developer has requested permission to build a large retail store at a location adjacent to the intersection of an undivided four-lane major road and a two-lane minor road. Traffic on the minor road is controlled by a stop sign. The speed limits are 35 and 50 mi/h on the minor and major roads, respectively. The building is to be located at a distance of 65 ft from the near lane of one of the approaches of the minor road. Determine where the building should be located relative to the centerline of the outside lane of the major road in order to provide adequate sight distance for a driver on the minor road to turn right onto the major road after stopping at the stop line. Design vehicle is a single-unit truck. Lanes on the major road are 12 ft wide.

Reference no: EM13323340

Find the flow rate of air and the second-law efficiency

A condenser is maintained at 60?C by cooling it with atmospheric air coming in at 20?C and leaving at 35?C. The condenser must reject 25 MW from the water to the air. Find t

Deriving the eom for building

Working a problem where there are two one-story buildings of different heights next to each other. Earthquake imparts a base motion z(t) that is a cosine function. I'm given

What is the minimum-size particle that chamber would remove

The particle density is 1 g cm-3, air viscosity is 1.69 X 10-4 g cm-1 s-1, and the air density is small enough that the buoyancy force may be ignored. Express your answer as p

Drainage facility

Drainage facility: - Drainage facility is the normal or fake evacuation of surface and sub-surface water from a territory. Numerous rural soils need waste to enhance creatio

Find the absolute-gage and vacuum pressure heads

A glass jar is heated in an oven and sealed when the air pressure is 103 kPa and the temperature is 105 C. Find the absolute, gage, and vacuum pressures in the jar when it c

How to determine the diameter of a drilled shaft pile

Using 1630.56 kN as the ultimate capacity determine the diameter of a drilled shaft pile that would have the same ultimate capacity and depth embedment (11.5 m) using the FH

How long would lake take to reduce h2s concentration form

Lake silbersee is located in the German city of Nuernberg. The lak's water quality has been diminishedbecause of high hydrogen sulfide concentrations that originate froma ne

Design storage and water surface elevation

Determine the peak outflow rate when the inflow hydrograph is routed through this basin and what is the design storage and water surface elevation at the peak outflow rate.


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