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You are going to write a paper for next week:

(2) Review in Context: Choose a movie that you like a lot and/or that you think is important for other people to know about. Write a review of this movie that recreates its story and style for an unfamiliar reader, making a specific case for its larger significance.

But for this assignment:

Find and present your main idea and Argument and Answer the questions

1-) Find TOPIC from the movie Mustang. (Examples that you can choose: Women in conservative societies, Child marriage, Women abuse, Rape, Women rights in conservative environment, Child beatings, Orphans-Foster care)

2-) Create an ARGUMENT about the topic

You must discover an argument or an idea genuinely inspires the essay

3-) Why did you choose this movie, what is your interest?

4-) What do you think is important for other people to know about?

5-) What is your message to the readers in this paper?

6-) What do you accomplish to learn/ or what topic do you further want to educate yourself from this paper?

7-) Find two more useful sources/reviews about this paper.

Don't use outside sources!

Your answers should be in the form of complete sentences.

Reference no: EM131366313

Create an annotated bibliography of the resources

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