Find the vector clocks of all the events

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Suppose Process P1 has events e11, e12, e13, e14, e15 e16 e17 P2 has events e21, e22, e23, e24, e25, e26, P3 has events e31, e32, e33, e34, e35 e36 There are message transits from e12 to e22, e24 to e15, e21 to e32, e35 to e25. Suppose the vector time clocks for e11, e21, and e31 are 4matrixleft.gif 1 0 0 4matrixright.gif , 4matrixleft.gif 0 1 0 4matrixright.gif , 4matrixleft.gif 0 0 1 4matrixright.gif respectively. a) Draw a diagram to show all the transitions and events. b) Find the vector clocks of all the events. c) Give an example for each of the following: i) a strongly consistent state ii) a consistent but not strongly consistent state iii) an inconsistent state Your global state should be consisted of the the events given ( e.g. e11 ) but should not contain any event that is sending ( e.g. e12 ) or receiving a message ( e.g. e22 ). 

Reference no: EM13161582

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