Find the standard deviation of incomes

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For a sample of 87 entry level managers you find the standard deviation of incomes is 3,099 (measured in dollars). What is the standard error? Answer to one decimal place.

Reference no: EM131238529

Convertible bond of bunky burgers

Today you purchase a $1,000 par value convertible bond of Bunky's Burgers. The bond matures in 30 years and has an annual coupon of 10%, payable semiannually. The yield to t

Information about valuation models

Acort Industries owns assets that will have an 60% probability of having the market value of $55 million in one year. What is the expected return of Acort's equity without lev

What was the amount of net income reported by gore corp

A small stock dividend was declared and issued in 2008. The market value of the shares was $10,500. Cash dividends were $15,000 in both 2008 and 2007. The common stock has n

What did you find surprising about credit reports

What did you find surprising about credit reports? What type of information is included on your credit report? The type of information that is included on my credit report i

What is the future value

To save for her new born's college education, Lea will invest $1,200 at the BEGINNING of each year for the next 14 years. The interest rate is 11 percent. What is the futu

History and evolution of internet-future trends of internet

Analyze the history and evolution of Internet and the World Wide Web. Reflect on where these technologies started. Identify and explain the roles of ARPANET, NSF, and IETF.

Canadian dollar and the british pound

Use the exchange rates between the U.S. dollar and the British pound and between the U.S. dollar and the Canadian dollar to calculate the cross rate between the Canadian dol

What is the mean price for each type of computer

What is the mean price for each type of computer? What is the covariance between the price of Dell and the price of Apple? What is the variance in the price of Dell. What is t


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