Find the soccer ball initial horizontal velocity component

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A soccer player kicks the ball off the ground at an angle ? above the horizontal. The ball is in the air for 3.0 seconds and lands 40 m away (assume the field is level).

a) Find the soccer ball's initial horizontal (vox) velocity component.

b) Find the soccer ball's initial vertical (voy) velocity component.

Reference no: EM13247278

Determine the induced current in the coil

A flat circular coil with 110 turns, a radius of 3.80 × 10-2 m, and a resistance of 0.340 ? is exposed to an external magnetic field that is directed perpendicular to the pl

Find the velocity of the ball coming back to the pitcher

If a pitcher throws a 3 kg ball at 30 m/s to a batter who hits it straight back at him using 58500 N for 0.003 seconds, what is the velocity of the ball coming back to the p

Find the kinetic energy of the target ball

A student at another university repeats the experiment you did in lab. Her target ball is 0.860 m above the floor when it is in the target holder, What is the kinetic energy

Find the average electrical power dissipated in the process

A length of 20-gauge copper wire (of diameter 0.8118 mm) is formed into a circular loop with a radius of 25 cm. Find the average electrical power dissipated in the process

Determine the magnitude of the net force

Three people pull simultaneously on a stubborn donkey. Jack pulls eastward with a force of 83.7 N, Jill pulls with 91.9 N in the northeast direction, Find the magnitude of t

Calculate the resistivity of your skin

The width of the contact of each wire with your skin is 1.10 cm and the thickness of the conducting layer of your skin is 0.023 mm, calculate the resistivity of your skin

Determine the final speed of block

A block of ice with mass 2.00 kg slides0.685m down an inclined plane that slopes downward at an angle of 38.0?, If the block of ice starts from rest, what is its final speed

Determine the final temperature of gas

A gas with ?=75 is at 285K when it's compressed isothermally to one-third of its original volume and then further compressed adiabatically to one-fifth of its original volum


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