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The Toronto Rock are in the National Lacrosse League. The total number of shots on goal for each player during the 2013 season is given in the following table.


a. Find the population mean number of shots on goal, μ.

b. Find the population standard deviation of shots on goal, σ.

c. Use technology to select 100 random samples of size 10 from this population. Find the sample mean for each sample.

d. Construct a histogram of the 100 sample means. Where is the histogram centered? How does this value compare to μ?

e. Find the standard deviation for the 100 sample means. How does this value compare to σ?

Reference no: EM131430749

Compute the projected profit for the order quantities

Compute the projected profit for the order quantities suggestedby the management team under three scenarios: worst case in whichsales = 10,000 units, most likely case in whi

What proportion of flies have thorax length longer

The length of the thorax (where the wings and legs attach) in a population of male fruit flies is approximately Normal with a mean 0.800 (mm) and standard deviation 0.078 m

Critical value approach to hypothesis testing

The waiting time to place an order at a branch of a fast-food chain during the lunch hour has had population mean of 3.55 minutes, with a population standard deviation of 1.

Standardized test is randomly selected for probability

A student with a 3.5 to 4 grade point average who took standardized test is randomly selected. Determine the probability that students test score is less than 36.

Revenue of the largest businesses

Revenue of Large Businesses A researcher estimates that the average revenue of the largest businesses in the United States is greater than $24 billion.

Random sample-test claim

A random sample of 160 car crashes are selected and categorized by age. The are listed below. The age distribution of for the given categories is 18% for under 26, 39% for 2

Line of the best fit will minimize value

In order to determine the sum of squares the distance between each data point and the line of the best fit is squared and then all of the squares are summed up. The line of

Explanatory variable and crawling age as the response

Based on the equation of the least-squares line, we use software to predict the average number of home runs hit per game per team for the year 2001. We obtain the following.


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