Find the probability that at least one of them has disease

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The proportion of the American population that has disease Z is p=0.02. If 60 people are randomly selected from the population, what is the probability that at least 1 of them has disease Z (rounded to four decimal places)?

Reference no: EM13129065

Find the dollar amount

What is the probability that a randomly selected customer spends between $65 and $85 at this store?-Find the dollar amount such that 75% of all customers spend no more than th

What would be a confidence interval for sample mower

What proportion of customers rate the company with "top box" survey responses (which is defined as scale levels 4 and 5) on quality, ease of use, price, and service in the 2

Manufacturers of high-end clocks

Machine Works is faced with the problem of extending credit to a new customer, Qualclocks, in connection with a contract for next year's season. Machine Works has three risk

Find the minimum and maximum prices of the cars

An automobile dealer finds that the average price of a used car is $9,000.  He decides to sell cars that appeal to the middle 70% of the market in terms of price. Find the m

Calculate the section modulus with respect to the x axis

Calculate the maximum horizontal shear stress if the member is subjected to a maximum vertical shear of 4500 lb- Calculate the section modulus with respect to the X-X axis for

Consider the arrival times data of problem

Find the Bayes estimator given by (16.15) and compare your answer to that of Problem 1. What is the posterior probability that the bus will be more than 10 min late? Is the

Involves telephone conversations with policyholders

"A job in an insurance office involves telephone conversations with policyholders. The office man- ager estimates that about half of the employee's time is spent on the tele

Probability of getting any one of combinations

A person enters a grocery store to shop. There are 15 different brands of cereal and they select 3, one for the next 3 days with order being important. They have 2,730 dif


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