Find the probability that among 20 randomly selected adults

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Based on a Bellowes survey of adults, there is a 0.48 probability that a randomly selected adult uses a tax preparer to file taxes. Find the probability that among 20 randomly selected adults, exactly 12 use tax preparers to file their taxes.

Reference no: EM132184451

How individuals obtain utility from food and other good

Suppose individuals require a certain level of food (x) to remain alive. Let this amount be given by X0. Once X0 is purchased, individuals obtain utility from food and other

Types of financial transactions

When trade does occur across national boundaries there are many types of financial transactions that take place. These transactions are recorded in a summary called the balanc

What is the final single payment

A company buys a machine for $12,000, which it agrees to pay for in five equal annual payments, beginning one year after the date of purchase, at an annual interest rate of 4%

The fed announces an inflation target

Suppose the Fed announces an inflation target of 3.90%. Suppose real GDP is forecasted to grow by 2.93% and that the velocity of money has been stable. What is the largest mon

Calculate the initial equilibrium price and quantity

Last year, Berkeley, CA passed a tax on yoga classes of $4 per yoga class. Suppose that the pre-taxdemand for yoga classes is QD = 2000 – 100P, and that the pre-tax supply of

Used in project gantt charts and other tracking tools

Assume that a project has an expected total duration of 25 days, but several optimistic employees feel that it can be completed in as little as 18 days, while others expect it

Differences between fraud-misrepresentation and mistake

List the ways by which a party to a contract can cause a fraudulent misrepresentation to occur. Give an example for each way that you list. Identify the similarities and the d

Which place a ceiling on interest rates

Many states have usury laws, which place a ceiling on interest rates. Why do most economists dislike these laws - The paper's content is jumbled and is partially in second p


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