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1. Suppose Xi for i=1, 2, 3... has Uniform(0,1) distribution.

A. Let M = min (n: X1 + X2 + ... + Xn> 1). Find E (M) by simulation.

B. Let N = min (n+1: Xn > Xn+1). Find E (N) by simulation.

2. Toss a pair of fair dice. If you get any double stop and lose. Otherwise keep tossing. If any sum gets repeated before getting any doubles stop and win.

A. Find the probability of winning

B. Find the expected number of tosses per game.

Reference no: EM13778535

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[M] Write an IA-32 program to solve Problem 2.22 in Chapter 2. Assume that the element to be pushed/popped is located in register EAX, and that register EBX serves as the st

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Identify an organization and write a report about the organization's data/networking needs and the current LAN use, a current network model with equipment, footage spans, an


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