Find the price plus accrued interest and the price

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A 1000 par bond with 8% semiannual coupons has payment dates of May 31 and November 30. The bond matures on November 30, 2010. On May 31, 2007 the coupon payment of 40 is paid. The bond is sold 70 days later on the settlement date of August 9. The bond is sold to yield 7.4% convertible semiannually. Find the price plus accrued interest and the price.

Reference no: EM13311024

National security-surveillance

If Arab Americans are monitored by the government, what is to prevent other ethnic groups from being monitored due to real or manufactured threats to national security?

Provide a brief overview of the department

Provide a brief overview of the department and pick one regulation that applies to the fire service. Determine why the regulation applies to the fire service and identify th

Explain the different kinds of whistle blowing

What is the "Do No Harm" principle and how is it used in determining Safety versus Acceptable Risk? What is the difference between Corporate Liability and Strict Liability?

Public administration different from private management

How is public administration different from private management. What are the implications of these differences for the public administrator in the areas of: a. Decision Maki

Compute residuals and draw histogram of these residuals

Make the scatter diagram with sales on the vertical axis and advertising on the horizontal axis. What do you expect to find if you would fit a regression line to these data?

The bonus on salesmen''s sales

The bonus on salesmen's SALES is (a) zero if SALES is less than $2000; (b)ten percent of sales if sales is at least $2000 but less than $5000; (c) $500 plus five percent of th

Describe the operation of a data warehouse

Describe the operation of a data warehouse in support of business intelligence - You must discuss the various tools that SSIS provides and relate them to the phases within ET

Explain how formal organizations

Explain how formal organizations have evolved over the past century. What differences were there in organizations a century ago, compared to today's organizations? What are th


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