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The current price of a stock is $15. In 6 months, the price will be either $18 or $11. The annual risk-free rate is 7%. Find the price of a call option on the stock that has a strike price of $12 and that expires in 6 months. (Hint: Use daily compounding.) Round your answer to the nearest cent. Assume a 365-day year. Do not round your intermediate calculations.

Reference no: EM131305106

Calculate semiannual pmt from investing in bond

At the beginning of 2014, ABC Corp. issued (sold) $80 million in 10-year callable bonds at par value $1,000 paying a 9.0% annual coupon rate that is paid semiannually. The bon

What is the company market value debt–equity ratio

Frusciante, Inc. has 320,000 bonds outstanding. The bonds have a par value of $1,000, a coupon rate of 5.8 percent paid semiannually, and 12 years to maturity. The current YTM

Estimates against the effective tax rate shown by reuters

Using the income before taxes and income taxes paid, estimate the tax rate for the years that you have information available. Tax rates are supposed to be around 35%. Compare

The default risk premiums on the bonds issued

A Treasury bond due in one year has a yield of 5.7%; a Treasury bond due in 5 years has a yield of 6.2%. A bond issued by Ford Motor Company due in 5 years has a yield of 7.5%

What is the company cost of equity

The Down and Out Co. just issued a dividend of $2.96 per share on its common stock. The company is expected to maintain a constant 7 percent growth rate in its dividends indef

Estimate rate of inflation for your currency going forward

Estimate the rate of inflation for your currency/country going forward. Devote the right-hand column to the capital as it grows from both earnings and yearly money put in. C

Market portfolio under various economic conditions

Financial analysts have estimated the returns on shares of Drucker Corporation and the overall market portfolio under various economic conditions as follows. The analyst consi

What was the price of these bonds when they were issued

One year (2014) Alpha issued 10 year bond at par value. The coupon rate of these bonds is 7% and pay interest semi-annually. Today (2015) the interest rate on these bonds has


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