Find the pdf of cost of the flour is proportional to y

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The amount of flour used per day by a bakery is a random variable X that has an exponential distribution with mean equal to 4 tons. The cost of the flour is proportional to Y=3X+1.

a) Find the p.d.f of Y.
b) Use the answer in (a) to find E(Y).

Reference no: EM13137370

How to test the claim that true mean of process is different

Sample is found to have a mean of 80.6,a standard deviation of 1.4 test the claim that the true mean of this process is different than 80. use 10% level of significance.

What is the expected number of applications

What is the expected number of applications? What is the variance?- If she has enough time to complete at most four applications, how confi- dent can she be of getting an off

Find the probability that student will pass both courses

The probability that a student passes mathematics is 2/3 and the probability that he passes biology is 4/9. If the probability of passing one course is 4/5, what is the prob

What is the critical value and test value

A survey of 10 different suburbs in Dallas Texas found the average gasoline to be $ 1.294 a gallon with a standard deviation of $ .0526. What is the critical value using a=.

Nuclear capabilities of other countries

It is claimed that two of three Americans say that the chances of world peace are seriously threatened by the nuclear capabilities of other countries. If in a random sample

Whether each of the following statements is true or false

If we repeated this procedure many, many times, only 5 percent of the 95 percent confidence intervals would fail to include the mean Math SAT score of the population of all

An exponential distribution with parameter

Suppose that we modify the M/M/2 queueing system as follows: when a server is free, he assists (if needed) the other server, so that the service time, S, has an exponential

What would happen if the professor makes a type i error

Is this a one-tailed or two-tailed test? Explain.- Write the null and alternative hypotheses.- In this context, explain what would happen if the professor makes a Type I error


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