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The yacht company builds personal yachts. Its annual deductible is 10 yachts. This company can build at a rate of one yacht per month. Carrying cost is very expensive and is about $10,000 per year. The setup cost for a production run of yachts is $2,000. Find the order quantity and Imax.

Lugini Watch's annual demand is 100. It can produce at a rate of 10 watches oer month with a $100 setup cost for the production run. Find the order quantity and Imax assuming carrying cost is $100 per unit.

Apple Cakes reviews inventory every two weeks with lead time of seven days, demand rate 40 units per day and standard deviation five units per day. If the company tolerates no more than one stock-out per year, develop the ordering policy for a fixed-time period inventory system assuming 52 weeks per year? Show calculations.

Reference no: EM131387227

Concept statement top-two-boxes respondent group

What is the term used to describe the number or percentage of people who would buy a product or service and is used as an indicator of group reaction? Concept statement Top-tw

Describe the eight elements of the staffing process

Discuss the relationship between human resource planning activities and the organization's strategic development and implementation. Describe the eight elements of the staff

Academic definition of the term metric

Discussion #1: Give an academic definition of the term metric (with an in-text citation) and share an example of at least two metrics you are considering for your second MS

Create a total of two business-quality posters

Create a total of two business-quality posters that can be created on paper or by using a software application (Microsoft®Office Suite). Creativity is encouraged. Be sure th

Outdoor clothing and accessories chain

Teddy Bower is an outdoor clothing and accessories chain that purchases a line of parkas at $22 each from its Asian supplier. Unfortunately, at the time of order placement, de

Discuss about the role of global logisticsand

Based on your reading of the module text, other relevant academic material and your experience (both professional and personal), prepare a short summary (1500 words maximum)

Example of an agile development technique

Research the process of system development life cycle. Discuss some of the problems of the SDLC and how agile development intends to address these problems. Support your answe

Medical research-what are ethical and legal issues here

Joaquin was hired as a senior researcher for a medical research facility. His department has been developing a new medical device to detect HIV faster and cheaper, and the fac


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