Find the optimum product mix and the minimum cost

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Chemkris wants to mix up 500 pounds of a diet food for aerobic students. There are two principal ingredients in the mixture, x1 and x2, both sources of protein. The first source of protein, x1, costs P15 a pound and x2 costs P12 a pound. Chemical constraints dictate the mixture contain no more than 300 pounds of x1 and at most 200 pounds of x2. Find the optimum product mix and the minimum cost.

Reference no: EM132281373

Discuss possible theories of recovery for fox

Ford manufactured its Pinto auto (a subcompact car) from 1968 to 1980. The gas tank was rigidly mounted and the top of the tank was the floor of the trunk compartment. There w

Discuss trends of juvenile violence-juvenile property crime

Discuss the trends of Juvenile violence, juvenile property crime, and juvenile drug use in the United States and other comparable countries. Discuss the differences and simila

Fixed order quantity system model-cycle time

Bookworld, a publishing Company, produces books for the retail market. Demand for a current book is expected to occur at a constant annual rate of 7500 copies. The cost of one

What percentage of the state revenue it makes up

For this assignment, look more closely at the tax revenue. Choose one specific type. Explain what is taxed, how it is collected, where it is used, what percentage of the sta

How much are you willing to pay for product safety

How much in your estimation would you be willing to pay for a car seat? How much, therefore, is the life of your child worth to you? How are utilitarian principles at work in

Organization take action to improve performance

As defined in the text, benchmarking is a systematic approach to identifying the best practices to help an organization take action to improve performance. Benchmarking can be

Consider three decisions

Consider three decisions you have made today. (They could be simple such as, taking a turn while driving or even choosing a soda at a convenience store.) In each case determin

Communicate and lead teams toward the completion of task

The manager must be able to solve problems, communicate, and lead teams toward the completion of a task. You are the manager of the northern branch of the Laurel City bowling


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