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You have a total of six switches, with each switch containing eight ports. One port on each switch can be configured for straight-through or crossover operation.

Show one way to connect all six switches and indicate the number of computers that can be connected

Develop a different way to connect the switches and count the number of computers again. Does one topology give better results than the other?

For both solutions, assuming that 100 meter UTP cables are used between each switch and from switch to computer, find the network diameter.


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The limitation of the topology shown in figure 1 can be overcome by rearranging the connections of the switches. The improved topology is represented in figure 2. In this topology the switches are not connected to each other. One switch is the master switch and others are connected to the switch.

The switch s1 is connected to 3computers and other ports of s1 are used to connect other switches. The switchess2 to s6 use one port to connect to master switch and seven ports to connect to computers.

The total number of computers connected is 38. This topology is better than the topology shown in figure 1. This topology is more reliable and fault tolerant than the previous one. The performance is better here.

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