Find the minimum dimensions for the receiving area.

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The weekly average number of incoming palletized load units at the SISA DC at Gioia Tauro in Italy is 21 465. The average time needed to unload a vehicle is 18.3 minutes. The average vehicle capacity is 21.7 pallets. Considering that the daily average time available for the vehicle-loading operations is 6.5 hours, for six working days. Assume each port would require an unloading area of 50m2 and port width is 3m. The distance between adjacent docks is 2.5 m. Find the minimum dimensions for the receiving area.

Reference no: EM131396582

Evaluate a current development program

Evaluate a current development program you might create or in which you participate, relative to its ability to build deep self-awareness and growth, cultural intelligence,

What are the major types of mobile marketing

What are the major types of Mobile Marketing? If you are the owner of the Taobao store in question one, discuss at least three mobile marketing methods that you are going to u

Requirements of paper include cover sheet

The research paper and the requirements of this paper include a cover sheet (course title and name, paper title, student name and student ID), a table of contents, 5-7 numbe

Case study-multiperiod production planning

Attached is the case study. This needs to be completed in Excel and any diagrams need to be able to edited, they cannot be cut and pasted into the excel spreadsheet. ALSO pl

What are advantages also disadvantages of project

What are some of advantages also disadvantages of collaborating on a development project. Do you believe that this relaxing of rules (by UCC) that apply to sales contracts is

Unethical behavior is defined as behavior

In Chapter 4, the term “unethical behavior” is defined as behavior that does not conform to generally accepted social norms. In the videos I say that this makes ethics a movin

Customers are being served by teller

You are the manager of a local bank where three tellers provide services to customers. On? average, each teller takes three minutes to serve a customer. Customers? arrive, on?

How many kanban card sets are needed

Due to variations in processing times, management has decided to keep 20 percent of the needed inventory as safety stock. How many kanban card sets are needed? (Round up you


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