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The demand for a certain item is 16 units per period. Unsatisfied demand causes a shortage cost of Rs.0.75 per unit per short period. The cost of initiating purchasing action is Rs. 15.00 per purchase and the holding cost is 15% of average inventory valuation per period. Item cost is Rs. 8.00 per unit. Find the minimum cost and purchase quantity.

Reference no: EM131370322

Determining the supply and demand

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Suppose that a small firm could successfully shift to a just-in-time inventory system-an arrangement in which inventory is received Just as it is needed. - How would this af

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Text book cost one week later

In Zimbabwe the rate of inflation hit 90 sextillion percent in 2009, with prices increasing tenfold every day. At what rate, how much would a $100.00 text book cost one we


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