Find the heat transfer per unit length of tube

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1. Explain why the bulk temperature defined by Eq. 7.7-3 is equal to T∞.


2. Air at atmospheric pressure and 90°F flows past a flat plate maintained at 600°F. The plate is 3 ft long and the air velocity is 105 ft/sec. Find the heat transferred from the plate, per foot of width.

3. Water at 100°F flows at a velocity of 14 ft/sec past a steam-heated tube 1 in. in diameter. If the outside surface of the tube is 187°F, find the heat transfer per unit length of tube.

Reference no: EM131281845

What will be the velocity and flow rate for the model

A dam spillway is tested with a 1/30th scale model, matching the Froude number. The flow over the dam has an average velocity of 0.6 m/s and a volume flow rate of 0.08 m^3/s.

Find the pressure-temperature and mach number at the exit

An air nozzle has an exit area 1.6 times the throat area. If a normal shock occurs at a plane where the area is 1.2 times the throat area, find the pressure, temperature, and

Air flows isentropically through convergent-divergent

Air flows isentropically through a convergent-divergent passage with inlet area 5.2 cm^2, minimum area 3.2cm^2 and exit area 3.87 cm^2. At the inlet the air velocity is 100m/s

Identify the surroundings and boundary

A bottle of soda is capped when the pressure of carbonation is 0.20 MPa. How long before the pressure has dropped to 0.11 MPa? Identify the surroundings and boundary. List all

Determine the mobility of the charge carriers

If a Germanium wafer, which is uniformly doped with Gallium to a concentration of 5.55? 10^23 (m^3)^-1, has an electrical conductivity of 17,000 (?m)^-1 determine the mobility

The turbine of a large gas turbine engine receives gas

The turbine of a large gas turbine engine receives gas from the combustion chamber at 5 MPa, 900C and 110m/s. At the turbine outlet, gas exits at 100kPa, 140C with a velocity

Estimate the mass flow rate of the water exiting the faucet

A water tower sits atop a residential building as shown in the figure below. A 0.3m X 0.3m patch was used to repair damage from a recent storm. Water is supplied to the buildi

What is the temp of the steam entering the turbine

Steam produced at 70 bar and some unknown temp. A small amount of steam is bled off just before entering a turbine and goes through an adiabatic throttling valve to atmospheri


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