Find the expected value of the winning

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A game is played with a single die. If you roll a one you will be a given a ten dollar bill. If you roll a 2 you will be given $7.50. If you roll anything else you lose $4. Find the expected value of the winning/losings of this game.

Reference no: EM132191877

What is expected value

When you give a casino $10 for a bet on the "pass line" in the game of craps, there is a 244/495 probability that you will win $10 and a 251/495 probability that you will lo

Estimate the probability of finding automotive repair worker

This problem related to Basic Statistics and it is about estimate the probability of finding automotive repair workers with weekly earnings between $445 and $455. The calcul

Dessert means something such as pie or cake or cookies

Determine whether the following are demonstrative definitions, enumerative definitions, definitions by subclass, synonymous definitions, etymological definitions or operati

Find the probability that at least one of them has disease

The proportion of the American population that has disease Z is p=0.02. If 60 people are randomly selected from the population, what is the probability that at least 1 of th

Why is a repeated measures anova statistically

If a researcher decides to use multiple comparisons in a study with three conditions, what is the probability of a Type I error across these comparisons? Use the Bonferro

Determining right interpretation for margin of error

Can we conclude from this that most workers there earn between $25 and $35 per hour? Is this the right interpretation for the margin of error?

Check when x is an exponential rv with pdf

Check that the formula (1) holds when X  Unif(0, b). Formula (1) also works for b = 1. Check this when X is an Exponential RV with PDF f(x) = e-x for x  0.

What is variance on in general population

She samples a group of 100 new fathers and finds that their mean is 64.5. What is the variance on this questionnaire in the general population?


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