Find the expected value of the winning

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A game is played with a single die. If you roll a one you will be a given a ten dollar bill. If you roll a 2 you will be given $7.50. If you roll anything else you lose $4. Find the expected value of the winning/losings of this game.

Reference no: EM132191877

New plants or make additions to existing facilities

Firms planning to build new plants or make additions to existing facilities have become very conscious of the energy efficiency of proposed new structures and are interested

Meeting fcc specifications

A radio station must broadcast at exactly 103.1 MHz. In a random sample of 25 days they average 103.8 MHz. The SD at radio stations with similar equipment is .1 MHz. At l

What null hypothesis should be what alternative hypothesis

Yet in the city as a whole, about 29%of the eligible jurors were women. Let p denote the probability that a juror drawn by the judge is a woman. Then to test the judge’s fairn

What is the explanatory variable in this study

Use the list of random digits below to assign 4 men and 2 women to the shark fin treatment. Read the table from left to right, first selecting the 4 men and then the 2 women

Determining acceptance sampling

An assembly line turns out 10% deffectives. Determine an acceptance number and sampling plan for samples of size 14 and a producers risk of 3%. (AQL = 10)).

Normal distributions-mean and standard deviation

Suppose that the population of heights of male college students is approximately normally distributed with mean m of 68 inches and standard deviation s of 3.75 inches.

Find probability to see shadow on chosen groundhog day

Phil has seen his shadow 104 times. (a) What is the probability that Phil will see his shadow on a randomly chosen Groundhog Day? (b) What kind of probability is this?

Explanation to expected return

Assume the risk-free interest is 5%. If WT borrows $100 million today at this rate and uses the proceeds to pay an immediate cash dividend, what will be the market value of


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