Find the effective angle of shearing resistance of sand
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1.A saturated specimen of cohesionless sand was tested in triaxial compression and the sample failed at a deviator stress of 482 kN/m2 when the cell pressure was 100 kN/m2, under drained conditions. find the effective angle of shearing resistance of sand. what would be the deviator stress, if it is tested under cell pressure of 200 kN/m2 in drained conditions

2.An adiabatic compressor is used to bring saturated water vapor at a pressure of 103 lbf/in^2 up to 1000 lbf/in^2, where the actual exit temperatureis 1000 F. Find the compressor fficiency an the entropy generation. Is there a improvement by reducing the exit temperatureto 800 F?

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