Find the economic lot size

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A company uses annually 24,000 units of raw material, which costs Rs. 1.25 per units. Placing each order cost Rs. 22.50, and the carrying cost is 5.4%of the average inventory. Find the economic lot size and the total inventory cost including material cost.

Reference no: EM131029584

An investigation on the elements

At the point when directing an investigation on the elements, which add to a percentage of the issues shoppers experienced with the IPhone 6/6 or more, it was apparent that on

What is the optimal cost of inventory

Shopkeeper has a uniform demand of an item at the rate of 50 units per month. He buys from supplier at the cost of Rs. 6/- per item and the cost of ordering is Rs. 10/- each t

The inventory charges per year are 20 percent?

A stockiest purchases an item at the rate of Rs. 40/- per piece from a manufacturer. 2000 units are required per year. What should be the order quantity per order if the cost

Transformational leadership reclassifies

Transformational leadership reclassifies individuals' missions and dreams, restores their dedication, and rebuilds their frameworks for objective achievement through a relatio

Stockiest has to supply 400 units of a product

Stockiest has to supply 400 units of a product every Monday to his customers. He gets the product at Rs. 50/- per unit from the manufacturer. The cost of ordering and transpor

What label will you put on the power cable for floppy drive

Where is the master boot record for a floppy disk located? In order to identify the working voltage properly, what label will you put on the power cable for the floppy drive?

Difference in mean cpu time required for the two computers

Do the data provide sufficient evidence to indicate a difference in mean CPU times required for the two computers to complete a job? Test using α=.05. Give bounds for the as

How would the filter bubble affect that consensus

We are most comfortable when our ideas and beliefs are in consensus with those around us, even if that doesn't always happen. How would this filter bubble affect that consen


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