Find the dimensions of the corral with maximum area

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Suppose that 694 ft of fencing is used to enclose a corral in the shape of a rectangle with a semicircle whose diameter is a side of the rectangle. Find the dimensions of the corral with maximum area.

Reference no: EM13193985

How many orders will be placed each year

The store pays $80 for each camera, and the cost for holding a camera (mainly due to the opportunity cost incurred in tying up capital in inventory) is $12/year. Assume that

What is the expected value for the insurance policy

A 28-year-old man pays $157 for a one-year life insurance policy with coverage of $140,000. If the probability that he will live through the year is 0.9994, what is the expe

What will the area be after 6 years

A certain forest covers an area of 3900km2. Suppose that each year this area decreases by 4.25%. What will the area be after 6years? Use the calculator provided and round yo

What is the rate of the boat in still water

A motorboat travels 469km in 7 hours going upstream. It travels 493km going downstream in the same amount of time. What is the rate of the boat in still water and what is th

Find the equation of this parabola

A laboratory designed a radio telescope with a diameter of 320 ft and maximum depth of 48 feet. The graph depicts a cross section of this telescope. Find the equation of thi

What was the highest score earned on the exam

For a particular sample of 63 scores on a psychology exam, the following results were obtained. What score was earned by more students than any other score? Why? What was the

What is the expected value

The probability of being awarded the bid is 0.1, and anticipated profits are $150,000, resulting in a possible gain of this amount minus the $15,000 cost for the plans and m

How many distinct systems can be purchased

A person buying a personal computer system is offered a choice of three models of the basic unit, two models of keyboard, and two models of printer. How many distinct system


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