Find the cycle efficiency with the actual turbine

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1. A steam power cycle has a high pressure of 3.0 MPa and a condenser exit temperature of 45?C. The turbine efficiency is 85%, and other cycle components are ideal. If the boiler superheats to 800?C, find the cycle thermal efficiency.

2. A Rankine cycle with water superheats to 500?C at 3 MPa in the boiler, and the condenser operates at 100?C. All components are ideal except the turbine, which has an exit state measured to be saturated vapor at 100?C. Find the cycle efficiency with

(a) an ideal turbine and

(b) the actual turbine.

Reference no: EM131249973

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Biofilter AND dry sludge bed are part of the sewage treatment plant. Please let me know whether we can cover these facilities or not and what is micro-biological process in th


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