Find the annualized implied repo rate

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Find the annualized implied repo rate on a T-bond arbitrage if the spot price is 112.25, the accrued interest is 1.35, the futures price is 114.75, the CF is 1.0125, the accrued interest at delivery is 0.95, and the holding period is three months.

Reference no: EM131098736

What is the socially optimal level of drugs bought and sold

Suppose Merck is developing new drugs that have positive externalities; the positive externality is a pharmaceutical technology we all benefit from. Let the supply curve for M

Plans to deposit-retirement account

Brad will graduate next year. When he begins working, he plans to deposit $3,500 at the end of each year into a retirement account that pays 5% interest. How much will be in h

Business indicators measure extent of business regulations

The World Bank Doing Business Indicators measure the extent of business regulations in countries around the world. Compare the U.S., France, Japan, Brazil, and Nigeria in term

What is the net present value of purchasing the tractor

Farm must decide whether or not to purchase a new tractor. The tractor will reduce costs by $2,000 in the first year, $2,500 in the second and $3,000 in the third and final ye

Suppose the employees of starbucks

Suppose the employees of Starbucks in China are paid 8 yuan per hour and a cup of coffee is priced at 8 yuan. If Starbucks is maximising its profit, What is the value of margi

Using strong arm tactics on software customers

You are a member of an international ethics commission assembled by the World Trade Organization. Your team has been asked to assess the global tactics of Microsoft in recent

Find the equilibrium prices and quantities

Find the equilibrium prices and quantities. Construct a graph of supply and demand for this market, showing all intercepts, and showing the equilibrium prices and quantities y

Practicing price discrimination

In 2011, the New York Times charged $828 to receive the newspaper delivered to your home every day for a year. He became convinced that anyone who called up and threatened to


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