Find the absorption depths of light radiation

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1. Find the absorption depths of light radiation with 800 nm wavelength in Si, Ge, and GaAs.

2. Calculate and compare the generation rate for 800 nm light radiation in Si and germanium. Assume the photon flux for the light radiation with 800 nm wavelength is 1.0x 1010/m2-sec. light .

3. Calculate the band gap of Si, Germanium, and GaAs by using the absorption coefficient, α, in a variety of semiconductor materials at 300K as a function of the wavelength of light.

4. Calculate the intrinsic carrier concentration at 320K for silicon. Explain the approach by showing the equation and parameter you used.

5. What will be the equilibrium carrier concentration of majority and minority charge carriers if some doped Si with 1012 Boron/cm3? What will be the carrier concentration of minority and majority charge carriers if silicon is doped with 1016 /cm3 ? (Hint -

6. Find the direct solar radiation arriving on earth surface when sun is at 30 degree. Assume the latitude angle is 39 degree.

Reference no: EM131235925

Calculate the drift velocity of electrons

1. Briefly tell what is meant by the drift velocity and mobility of a free electron.2. (a) Calculate the drift velocity of electrons in silicon at room temperature and when t

Find the area with the hatched lines

Find the area of a semi-circle truncated at one end (on the flat side) by a length l. Express the area in terms of the radius R and l -- you can define additional variables in

What is the reduction in transit inventory

A company is using a carrier to deliver goods to a major customer. The annual demand is $2,000,000, and the average transit time is 10 days. Another carrier promises to deli

Discuss reasons for this malfunction

When the robot was operated the engineer noticed an erratic and unstable behavior at the repaired joint. Discuss reasons for this malfunction and suggest a way to correct th

Estimate the amount of heat that can be stored overnight

The other is to use a Glauber salt, which undergoes a phase change at approximately 30°C with a heat of fusion of 329 kJ/L. In both instances, a heat exchanger will be neces

Exposure of the plate to irradiation

The curing process of Example 1.9 involves exposure of the plate to irradiation from an infrared lamp and attendant cooling by convection and radiation exchange with the sur

To how many atmospheres would this correspond

A certain very delicate organic molecule requires only 0.04 eV of energy to be excited from the ground state. Upon excitation, its volume increases by 2 × 10-31 m3.

Whether the desired damping ratio can be achieved

The available dashpots can produce a damping constant in the range 10 N-s/m to 80 N-s/m. Determine whether the desired damping ratio can be achieved using a passive system.


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