Find the 33rd percentile of the distribution of lifetimes

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The distribution of lifetimes for a certain type of light bulb is normally distributed with a mean of 1000 hours and a standard deviation of 100 hours. Find the 33rd percentile of the distribution of lifetimes.

A. 560
B. 330
C. 1044
D. 1440
A. none of these

Reference no: EM1318225

Compute z-score if scores is bell-shaped and symmetric

Sstandard deviation of the test scores are 74 and 2, respectively, and the distribution of scores is bell-shaped and symmetric. Suppose the trainee in question received a sc

Find standard error of mean if rainfall recorded twenty

If the rainfall was recorded on 20 (instead of 10) randomly selected days throughout the year, the standard error of the mean would be equal to?

Write event at least one nonword error in terms of x

Write the event "at least one nonword error" in terms of X. What is the probability of this event? Describe the event X ≤ 2 in words. What is its probability? What is the prob

Explain why a t-test

Provide an example of where you could use correlation in real life. Explain why a t-test is necessary before you accept this correlation as being real in the population.

Find the values of the expressions listed here

Find the values of the expressions listed here:- Find Σ4i=1 Xi for the scores X1 = 3, X2 = 5, X3 = 7, X4 = 10.- Find Σ6i=1 Xi for the scores X1 = 2, X2 = 3, X3 = 4, X4 = 6, X5

Explain conclusion for z statistic and p-value

No children that is equal to the value obtained by the census. Give the z statistic (rounded to two decimal places) and the P-value. What do you conclude?

Meaning of z test

He randomly samples 45 oil wells throughout the United States and determines the mean output to be 10.7 barrels per day with a standard deviation of 1.3 barrels. Test the rese

Probability that selections

A pizza restaurant offers 11 different toppings: 6 of them are vegetarian and 5 of them are non-vegetarian. A customer selects her first topping at random and then selects a


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