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Question 1: Research 5-8 species within one Family of birds. Be sure to use primary or very good secondary literature for your information. Give a brief description of each species based upon the characteristics below. Construct a table(s) or cladogram(s) showing the similarity of those species in regard to the following characteristics. This will be your interpretation of the information you learn. THEN after you have finished, look up the true relatedness and see how well you did. Briefly what are a couple of the differences if any.

Minimum Number of Characteristics to Research: Breeding system(s), Family units/family structure, Type of social structure, Type of offspring, Type of nest, Where they nest, Dimorphism

Question 2: Find two studies that research communities. Can you determine if they are working under the assumption of open or closed community structure? What is that evidence?

Write 1000 words for each....

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Reference no: EM13220806

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