Find stresses in ab and bc and the displacement at point c

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A bar is under uniform axial loads. AB is 1 foot and has a area of .5 in^2 and BC is 1 foot and has an area of .3 in^2. AB has a 1000lb force putting it under tension and BC has a 500lb force putting it under compression. Find stresses in AB and BC and the displacement at point C.

Reference no: EM13318873

How do concept of green design and industrial ecology differ

How do the concepts of green design, industrial ecology, and sustainable developement differ from past approaches to engineering design Prepare a brief report on this topic

Find magnitude of the total acceleration of roller coaster

the roller coaster track consists of a circle in a vertical plane of radius 150m. find the magnitude of the total acceleration of the roller coaster if, at the time shown, t

Calculate the differential pressure in psi

A U-tube manometer contains a special bromine fluid having a specific gravity of 2.95, and is used to measure a differential pressure in a water system. Calculate the differ

Determine the moment about o due to the weight of the motor-

The blades of the portable fan generate a 4-N thrust T as shown. Compute the moment MO of this force about the rear support point O. For comparison, determine the moment abo

Find the equivalent state of stress on an element

Determine the equivalent state of stress on an element at the same point that represents the principal stresses at the point. Also, find the corresponding orientation of the

Problem regarding the scheduling software

The schedule can be developed either by hand or using scheduling software (Microsoft Project, Primavera SureTrak, etc.), just as long as the Activity Data Sheet is completed

Find the diameter of the tube to accomplish this

It is desired to transmit 300mm^3/s of gasoline at 20 degree Celsius through a 650mm long horizontal tube with a head loss of 500mm Find the diameter of the tube to accomplish

Design the footing reinforcement

A 10ft x 10 ft square footing is subjected to an eccentric compressive load Of PL = 50 kips and PD = 60 kips. The eccentricity of load is 18 inches. There is a 24 in x 24 in


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