Find standard deviation of seven cartons per month

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What is the probability that more than 88 cartons arrive in at least 5 of the next 6 months given normal distribution with mean of 80 cartons per month and standard deviation of 7 cartons per month?

Reference no: EM13134214

Determine the seasonal indexes and break

Combining the quarterly bookings for each year,   fit a linear trend equation and forecast the number of bookings for 2013. Determine the seasonal indexes and break the 2013 f

Probability randomly chosen drivers coming to intersection

What is the probability that , of 20 randomly chosen drivers coming to an intersection under these conditions, a) At most 2 will come to a complete stop?

Estimate the expected value of peak voltage

Give an estimate of the change in expected peak voltage with a 1% increase in light absorption. Estimate the expected value of peak voltage when % light absorption is 20.

What are the expected frequencies of winners from each class

Your school is  composed of 30% freshmen, 25% sophomores, 25% juniors, and 20% senio

Problem regarding the approximate p-value for test

In tests of a speed-reading course, it is found that 10 subjects increased their reading speed by an average of 200 words per minute, with a standard deviation of 75 wor

System composed of two subsystems placed in series

(a) Let N(t) be the number of system failures in the interval [0,t]. In what case(s) will the stochastic process {N(t),t ≥ 0} be a renewal process if the random variables Sk d

What is the probability that the student

Suppose that a certain college class contains 60 students. Of these,are 37 freshmen, 28 are economics majors, and 10 are neither. A student is selected at random from the cl

Information about the central limit theorem

From National Weather Service records, the annual snowfall in the TopKick Mountains has a mean of 92 inches and a standard deviation ? of 12 inches.


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