Find sample size necessary to estimate a population mean

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Calculate the following:

a) Determine the sample size necessary to estimate a population mean to within 1 with a 90% confidence given that the population standard deviation is 10.

b) Suppose that the sample was calculated at 150. Estimate the population mean with 90% confidence.

Reference no: EM13131560

Confidence interval for the average value of all works

A random sample of 20 works of art is appraised. The sample mean is found to be $5,139 and the sample standard deviation $640. Give a 95% confidence interval for the average

Discuss in relative terms sample size needed for application

Discuss, in relative terms, the sample size needed for an application of a normal distribution for the sample mean when sampling is from each of the following populations.

What is the probability that he will get both 70s tickets

The Gray Stone Rock Band will give 10 performances this season.Four of these will be only songs from the 70s. If Tony gets to pick two tickets at random, what is the probabi

Probability that individual to earn high grade in statistics

Does achieving a high grade in reading cause an individual to earn a high grade in Statistics? Explain your answer with reference to the term lurking variable.

What is the standard deviation of the sample means

(a) Consider all random samples of 100 test scores. What is the standard deviation of the sample means? (b) What is the probability that 100 randomly selected test scores will

Organizational structure of the teamsters

The goal of this assignment is to describe the organizational structure of the Teamsters and to analyze how the structure is effective in serving the union members' needs.

Hypothesis testing of means

Set up the appropriate null and alternative hypothesis for testing whether the original sample overestimated the average executive director annual salary.

Question regarding the p-value for hypothesis test

Is there evidence that a clear majority of the population will vote for the Democratic candidate? To answer this, they will test the hypotheses H0: p = 0.50 versus Ha: p > 0


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