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The stock of Michelle Travel company is selling for 43.00 a share. You put in a limit buy order at 44.00 for one month. During the month, the stock price declines to a low of 38.00, jumps to a high of 53.35, and has a final stock price of 43.00. Ignore commissions.

What is the rate of return on this investment, the rate of return if you had put in a market order rather than the limit order, and what if the limit order was 39.00 rather that 44.00 per share?


Reference no: EM1361852

What are your forecasts of the company''s year end inventory

Given the estimated sales forecast and the estimated relationship between inventories and sales, what are your forecasts of the company's year-end inventory level and its inve

What percentage of the total assets controlled

What percentage of the total assets controlled by All-Stores does its common stock equity represent? If a stockholder holds $5,000 worth of All-Stores common stock equity, and

Explain how a net present value profile is used

Explain how a net present value (NPV) profile is used to compare projects. How does this compare to internal rate of return (IRR)? How does reinvestment affect NPV and IRR?

Calculate fpi wacc

The firm's preferred stock is currently selling for $110 per share and pays a $10 dividend. Finest's common stock is selling at $25 per share and has a current annual dividend

Critical values approach and the p-value approach

Assignment 1. "Briefly compare and contrast the "critical values approach" and the "p-value approach" for determining the statistical significance of an hypothesis test"

Effective and nominal interest rates

You're offered two loan options which you should choose between. Federal Bank offers to charge you 6% compounded annually. State Bank offers to charge you 5.8% compounded mo

Draw net present value profiles for two replacement presses

Using the data developed in part a, find and depict on a time line the relevant cash flow stream associated with each of the two proposed replacement presses, assuming that

How does the price of these bonds today compare

One year ago, Alpha Supply issued 15-year bonds at par. The bonds have a coupon rate of 6.5 percent and pay interest annually. Today, the market rate of interest on these bo


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