Find probability that more than fifty percent voted yes

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A polling firm has been hired to do a survey of the registered voters in California. It is believed that 54% of the registered voters in the state will vote yes on a particular proposition that will appear on the ballot. A random sample of 1500 voters was taken and the number who are voting yes is recorded. What is the probability that more than 50% of those 1500 vote yes?


Reference no: EM13149527

Electric utility customer service representative

Electric utility customer service representative answers a call is 210 seconds. The Gigantic Kilowatt Energy Company randomly sampled 30 calls and found that, on average, th

Discrete distribution to estimate probability values

Use Bayes's rule to find the conditional probability that Julianne is a carrier, given that she and Jason have one child who does not have cystic fibrosis.

Determine if the 2 suppliers have equal standard deviations

A random sample of rivets from 2 suppliers were compared to see what the mean diameter was from each and a test to determine whether the population means were the same for the

Find represents the weight after treatment

One set represents the weight before treatment. The other set represents the weight after treatment. In a case like this use a paired-sample t-test.

Sample of stipends of teaching assistants in economics

A random sample of stipends of teaching assistants in economics is listed below. Is there sufficient evidence at the alpha=.05 level to conclude that the average stipend dif

What is the shape of the distribution of the sample mean

What is the sampling distribution of phat, the sample proportion of adults who smoke and in a random sample of 300 adults, what is the probability that at least 50 are smoker.

Z test with a two-tailed test for drawing of distributions

For each sample, carry out a Z test using the five steps hypothesis testing with a two-tailed test at the .05 significance level, and make a drawing of the distributions inv

Report the known project with all information

What is the population from which your sample has been taken? Description of data taken from other sources. Preliminary analysis using histograms, box plots, scatter plots,


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