Find probability that in a year hurricane will strike the us

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A major hurricane is a hurricane with wind speeds of 111 miles per hour or greater. During the 20th century, the mean number of major hurricanes to strike the U.S. mainland per year was about 0.51. Find the probability that in a given year a) exactly one major hurricane will strike the U.S. mainland, b) at most one major hurricane will strike the U.S. mainland, and c) more than one major hurricane will strike the U.S. mainland.

Reference no: EM13112754

Give the numerical value of the standard error of the mean

A randomly selected sample of n = 60 individuals over 65 years old takes a test of memorization skills. The sample mean is x‾= 53, and the standard deviation is σ = 7.2. Give

A binary communication system

A binary communication system has transmitted signal X, a Bernoulli (p = 1/2) random variable. At the receiver, we observe Y = V X + W, where V is a "fading factor" and W is

Refusing to enact a slave code

Lincoln Democrats refused to accept Stephen Douglas as their presidential nominee in 1860 because he had insisted in his ______ that settlers in a territory could help keep

Normal approximation to this binomial distribution

The total number of employees who leave each year follows a binomial distribution. Now, we want to use the normal approximation to this binomial distribution. Then in this n

Perform test of company-s claim at alpha

ample of fifteen 8 ounce Baby Ruth candy bars are weighed and it is found sample standard deviation is 0.6 ounces. Test company's claim at (alpha sign) is 0.05.

Find probability that the mean annual snowfall exceed

A standard deviation of 14 inches. What is the probability that the mean annual snowfall during 49 randomly picked years will exceed 96.8 inches?

Material sold for the material

A company has collected the following data from the purchase and use of heating fuel from its Business Statistics department for inventory management of the previous year:

How many returns to know the proportion of bond issue

How many returns must he get in order to know the proportion that will support the bond issue within a standard error of 5% and a confidence level of 95%?


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