Find out standard deviation to produce aa batteries

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A company which produces AA batteries tests lifetime of random sample of 40 batteries using special device designed to imitate real-world use. Based on testing, company makes following statement: "Our batteries last the average of 430 to 470 minutes, and our confidence in that interval is 95%" Find out standard deviation and show work.

Reference no: EM13108171

Probability that plane did not catch up one after two hours

The second plane's speed is also normally distributed with mean and standard deviation 500and 10,respectively. What is the probability that plane 2 did not catch up to plane o

Problem related to minor defect in the brakes

A simple random sample of 100 of a certain popular model car in 2003 found that 20 had a certain minor defect in the brakes. A simple random sample of 400 of this model car

Paper-and-pencil mazing follows a normal distribution

The time needed for college students to complete a certain paper-and-pencil maze follows a Normal distribution, with a mean of 70 seconds and a standard deviation of 15 seco

An exponentialrandom variable with expected value

Generalizing the solution of Example 9.2, let the call duration T be an exponential (λ) random variable. For t0 > 0, show that the minimum mean square error estimate of T, giv

Knowledge about exponential and logarithmic functions

You have $380,000 in your bank account. The interest rate in your account is 5%. Solve for the following showing your work: How much interest will you accumulate if interest i

Find on which exam did srtudent do better

The mean was 56 and the standard deviation was 20. On the second exam, she scored 82; the mean was 74 and the standard deviation was 5. On which exam did she do better?

Typical amount spent per customer

Assume that the standard deviation s is known to be $5.50. Using a 0.05 level of significance, would we conclude the typical amount spent per customer is more than $20.00?

Test statistics and their degrees of freedom

For all subsequent parts state the null and alternative hypothesis, write down the test statistics and their degrees of freedom, calculate the test statistics, find the p-va


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